Upload Photograph/Signature and Document
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Instructions for uploading of Photo and Signature
  • (i) Upload the scanned photo in JPG format.
  • (ii) Dimension of the Photo must be 5 cm length x 3.6 cm width .
  • (iii) Size of the Photo and Signature must be 15 KB or less. .
  • (iv) If size of Photo and Signature is more than 15 KB, then change the DPI resolution setting of scanner and scan again .
  • (v) For signature, sign on a white paper with blank / blue color and scan it to JPG format and upload.
  • (vi) Dimension of the Signature must be 2.5 cm length x 7.5 cm width .
  • (vii) Upload Orginal Scan Document.
  • (viii) Document must be 500 KB or less
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